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”New Kinetic Energy, Hazardous Waste Conversion"--Hazardous Waste Get a New Life by Vary Tech’s Oxygen-free Pyrolysis Technology
In southern Jiangxi, production lines in factories run around the clock. Industrial hazardous waste, what will be their fate here? The scattered waste packaging and containers are buried in the huge land and end up in vain? Or, burning in a scorching flame? But this is not their final destination.

Under the multi-dimensional policies of the national dual-carbon target, the construction of zero-waste cities, the national standardized management and assessment of hazardous waste, and the reform of hazardous waste supervision and utilization and disposal capabilities. There is an oxygen-free pyrolysis revolution is taking in Vary Tech, this revolution provides an efficient and eco-friendly road for hazardous waste treatment.

The Power of Technology · Transformation of Hazardous Waste

The power of environmental protection technology allows organic hazardous waste to be turned into treasure. At the project site, after crushing and sorting of waste packaging containers, paint buckets, paint residue and other organic hazardous waste, in an oxygen-free environment, the macromolecular chains break through thermochemical reactions, producing pyrolytic carbon and pyrolytic gas. The pyrolysis gas forms a liquid incarnation - an oil-based pyrolysis solution; the non-condensed gas acts as a heat energy supplier to achieve cascade utilization in thermochemical reactions. In such a cycle, hazards are sequestered, and heavy metals also transform from exchangeable states to stable residue states in an oxygen-free environment. After the original metal hazardous waste packaging and organic matter are harmlessly recovered through pyrolysis, the recyclable steel can be reused for smelting. Pyrolytic carbon, pyrolysis liquid, and pyrolysis gas can be used to meet the needs of the construction and industrial fields.
Breakthrough innovation·Eco-friendly and efficient

The oxygen-free pyrolysis technology and equipment independently developed by Vary Tech are combined with flexible combination sealing technologies such as flue gas sealing and oil and gas sealing to ensure that the pyrolysis of hazardous waste is carried out in an oxygen-free environment, effectively reducing the generation of harmful gases such as dioxins and sulfides, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. During the operation of the system, the fuel used in the pyrolysis reactor for heating is pyrolysis gas after multi-stage purification, and the emission of hazardous factors (soot, sulfur dioxide, etc.) is almost zero, and there is no secondary pollution to the atmospheric environment.

While pyrolysis technology realizes the resource utilization of hazardous waste, the thermal energy recycling of the system can reduce operating costs. Those hazardous wastes that were originally abandoned were accepted, and after pyrolysis, they were converted into useful resources and energy sources such as pyrolysis carbon, pyrolysis oil, and pyrolysis gas, making environmental protection projects both highly economical.

Bright future·Technology inspires new life

Vary Tech has been studying pyrolysis technology for more than ten years and has developed three series of products: continuous, semi-continuous and batch pyrolysis reactor to meet the hazardous waste disposal needs of different production capacities. Today, oxygen-free pyrolysis technology has been used in hazardous waste disposal projects in Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan, Shandong, Shaanxi, Guangdong, Hebei, Xinjiang and other provinces across the country. Among them, the Jiangxi project has been in stable and continuous operation for nearly 4 years. Coinciding with the wave of retirement of lithium batteries, the project disposal scope has added retired lithium battery shredded materials and separator paper. Market practice shows the multi-purpose advantage of batch-type pyrolysis reactor. For Vary Tech, the huge potential and advantages demonstrated by oxygen-free pyrolysis technology have been fully verified through the continuous implementation of projects.

At present, Vary Tech has formed advantages in project investment, general engineering contracting (EPC/EP) entrusted operation, equipment sales, technical services, etc. in the resource utilization of waste packaging materials, with project research and development, consulting design, construction implementation and operation full-process services, providing customers with customized, complete industrial chain solutions from crushing and sorting to pyrolysis.

With the help of anaerobic pyrolysis technology, hazardous waste treatment can be made green and efficient, breaking the traditional constraints, making breakthroughs in innovation, and giving hazardous waste a new life. For Vary Tech, every step forward is verifying the potential and advantages of oxygen-free pyrolysis technology. Every successful implementation of a hazardous waste pyrolysis project makes "new kinetic energy, hazardous waste conversion" more apparent. In the future journey, Vary Tech will stick to its original aspiration, be driven by innovation, continue to explore, and be committed to creating a green, eco-friendly, efficient and sustainable future for the hazardous waste treatment industry.