Nov.2023 04
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Award "National key resource recycling enterprises"
Hunan Vary solid waste treatment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Vary Tech, is listed in the list of national key renewable resource recycling enterprises
On December 31, 2021, 169 renewable resource recycling enterprises in China, including Hunan Vary solid waste treatment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vary Tech, were included in the list of key renewable resource recycling enterprises published by the Ministry of Commerce.

The publicity of national key contact renewable resource recovery enterprises means that the establishment of the key contact enterprise system of the renewable resource recovery industry of the Ministry of commerce is a powerful measure to implement the guiding opinions of the State Council on accelerating the establishment and improvement of a green and low-carbon circular development economic system and the action plan for carbon peak before 2030. Recycling of renewable resources is of great significance to build a recycling system of waste materials, alleviate resource constraints of economic development, promote green and low-carbon recycling development, promote green development of commercial circulation and improve the resource recycling system in the national 2030 carbon peak action.

At present, there are about 90000 recycling enterprises and 13 million employees in China. A trinity recycling system with recycling stations, sorting centers and distribution markets as the core has been formed. Hunan Wanrong solid waste treatment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province. It intensively cultivates solid waste recycling and resource utilization. In 2017, following the extension of the business field of the national waste classification policy, it increased domestic waste disposal and resource utilization, and is committed to becoming a regional "full category" solid waste comprehensive utilization company, At present, the "three islands and two networks" waste free city construction mode and the "three networks integration" waste classification blue system have been gradually popularized and applied in Changsha City and county, providing a practical model for the emerging waste classification and disposal and the construction of "waste free city" in China.
The inclusion of Wanrong solid waste in the list of national key renewable resources enterprises is both an encouragement and a spur. Wanrong technology will fully support all subsidiary companies and platform companies to give full play to their respective advantages, contribute professional strength to the resource utilization of national urban and rural waste, and help the practice of national double carbon goal.