Sep.2023 04
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Vary Tech attended RETECH2023 in Korea
Vary Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the 16th International Trade Fair for Waste Management, Recycling& Environmental Technologies (RETECH2023) in Korea.

From 30th August to 1st September, 2023, the 16th International Trade Fair for Waste Management, Recycling& Environmental Technologies (RETECH2023) hosted by Korea Environment Corporation and Korea Waste Association was held in Korea International Exhibition Center. Invited by the organizer association, Vary Technology Co., Ltd., dispatched Mr. Che Tao (deputy general manager and General manager of Equipment and System Service Division), and Mr. Li Songhua (marketing director), along with the advanced anaerobic pyrolysis equipment, participated in the exhibition with our South Korean strategic partner.

At present, physical recycling is the mainstream way of plastic recycling in the world. It has a great advantage in terms of high-value, single-category, relatively clean plastics. However, most of the plastic waste nowadays is polluted, mixed and of low value. They are common in plastic fast food boxes, bags and other disposable plastic products which have large consumption, wide usage and short application cycle. Both landfill and incineration of them will cause seriously pollution to the soil, ocean and atmosphere. In recent years, plastic waste is epidemic in South Korea instead of COVID-19. In 2022, the Ministry of Environment of South Korea announced plans to reduce plastic waste by reducing the production of plastic products and increasing the recycling rate. South Korea plans to reduce plastic waste by 20 percent and increase the recycling rate of used plastic to 70 percent by 2025. This also means that South Korea will gradually reduce the use of plastic from the production stage, or extract petroleum from the used domestic plastic waste to improve the recycling rate of plastic products.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Waste Management and treatment technology Conference, 2023 Food Waste Resource Recycling Conference, and 2023 A-Powder Technology Exhibition were hold in RETECH2023. 

Vary Tech has devoted itself to the research and development of pyrolysis technology equipment for nearly 10 years and more than 50 sets of pyrolysis equipment have been put into use. Vary Tech has formed the core technology of continuous feed, continuous discharge, dynamic seal, automatic coke clearing, oil and gas purification, heat carrier circulation and etc., which can meet the utilization of organic solid waste such as waste plastics, waste tires, sludge, oil sludge, domestic RDF, hazardous waste packaging, dye and coating waste. With our technology and  equipment, the "white pollution" and "black pollution" that beset the world can be solved. By far, our equipment has been industrially applied to 20 organic solid waste projects in China.
At the exhibition site, the anaerobic pyrolysis equipment independently developed by Vary Tech has attracted much attention from visitors. Korea Waste Energy Industry Association has conducted in-depth communication with Vary Tech on the application of pyrolysis equipment in the waste field in Korea, and invited Vary Tech to be a member of the Korea Waste Energy Industry Association.

As the general trend of waste plastic recycling goes, many chemical companies in South Korea are scrambling to strengthen the "waste plastic business". China and South Korea together have broad prospects for cooperation in the field of resource recycling. Vary Tech will actively expand the international market and promote the deep integration of China's pyrolysis technology and the green development of South Korea's circular economy.